• Applied Handling is an Industrial Door and Dock Equipment Distributor with locations in Dearborn, Grand Rapids and Flint, MI. We specialize in warehouse solutions including new and refurbished dock equipment, energy efficiency products, aftermarket parts and a 24 hour service department.

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    Rite-Hite Coolman Fans

    Just in time for Summer! Rite-Hite is pleased to announce a new addition to their fan lineup. The Coolman HVHS (High Volume, High Speed) fan is a portable floor fan, available in multiple diameters with options for column and ceiling mounting.

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    When do my Industrial Doors need Service?

    Industrial Doors require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure safety and long life.  Visual inspections or listening to your warehouse door can bring potential problems to light.  Read through the following questions, if you can say yes to any of them, it’s time to get your industrial doors serviced by an Applied Handling professional door technician.   Is the Door hard to open? Are the door hinges broken or dented? Are the rollers moving smoothly? Door needs counter balance, spring adjustment, damaged track or has missing or bent rollers. Are the cables frayed or have worn strips hanging down? This means there is an immediate need to call our service department so that injuries can be avoided. Is the Door operator making noise? Door operator will soon fail. Do you hear wind whistling around the door […]

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