You know Applied Handling, Inc. as the Michigan Distributor of Rite-Hite Restraints and Levelers, but did you know that we also sell and install Rite-Hite HVLS Fans? High-Volume, Low-Speed fans provide air movement in your facility making your facility more energy efficient and comfortable for your employees.  Need more proof? Here are 10 reasons to install HVLS fans at your facility:

  1. Costs just pennies to operate
  2. Circulates Warm Air in the Winter and reduces energy consumption by 30%
  3. Circulates Cool Air in the Summer and lowers energy consumption 20%.
  4. One HVLS fan can cover up to 22,000 square feet and replace 10 or 20 floor fans or small ceiling fans.
  5. HVLS fans are nearly noise-free.
  6. Improves air quality. Better air quality reduces heat stress and helps eliminate illnesses associated with “sick buildings”.
  7. Reduces condensation from building floors (aka sweating slab syndrome).
  8. Prevents expensive metal from rusting due to condensation.
  9. Provides low cost/high efficiency climate control for a diverse range of environments (See below)
  10. Earn LEED credits in the following categories: Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

Ideal Environments for Rite-Hite Fans:

  • Farms – HVLS Fans are designed to move air efficiently creating a stable environment for dairy cattle.
  • Aviation – Reduce humidity – Protect planes from condensation. Eliminate slippery floors by increasing evaporation rates in aircraft hangars. Keep it comfortable in aircraft hangars. Eliminate birds from nesting in the hangar.
  • Athletic Facilities – Prevent moisture and humidity which can lead to problems like mold, fungi, respiratory infections and warped floors.
  • Health Clubs – Maintain ideal temperatures, reduce condensation and improve air quality.
  • Outdoor Auditoriums – Keep venue and patrons more comfortable by creating a 10 degrees cooling effect.
  • Restaurants – Distribute temperatures efficiently – Reduce hot/cold spots. Create a dramatic visual statement with attractive designs.

HVLS Fan Products by Rite-Hite:

  • Revolution
  • Rogue
  • Rave

Applied Handling continues to offer solutions that deliver maximum productivity and reduction in operating costs.  Rite-Hite HVLS Fans are yet another way to ensure our customers are providing the safest, comfortable and most efficient work environments.  Remember to optimize your fan for  year-round performance with  the Fan-Commander Touch Screen Control Station.

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