5 Money Saving Door Solutions you can get by calling Applied Handling at 1-800-837-8020.

Loading dock doors can really take a hit which means your wallet takes the hit too. Applied Handling offers several money saving door solutions as upgrades to your existing industrial doors. 


Money Saving Door Solution #1: Door Weatherseals

Look for gaps in your doors.  Why? Gaps mean your docks are not energy efficient.  Fix the problem by installing weatherseals.
–> RiteSeal™ Side & Top Door Seal
–> Gap-Sealr™ Bottom Door Seal
–> Wedg-It™



Door Warden

Money Saving Door Solution #2: Door Track Protection

Did you know that when a forklift truck damages your overhead doors, your company suffers economically?  Downtime and repairs can be costly, not to mention security concerns. Defend yourself with Warden Series Door Guards.  For about the cost of one repair, Warden Door Guards offer permanent protection.



Door Deputy

Money Saving Door Solution #3: Door Deputy® Door System

Manual sectional dock doors can eventually “drift” or “sag” into the door opening creating opportunities for door panel damage and increased maintenance costs.

Additionally, a broken conventional slide lock on a manual sectional door leaves a door unsecured, this is an open invitation for intruders. The large gap created at the bottom of the door is now a source for energy loss. 

Door Deputy® Door System can solve these challenges.


Door Panel
Replacement Panels

Money Saving Door Solution #4: Door Replacement Panels

The replacement solution for your damaged sectional dock doors.  These replacement panels fit most sectional doors. Retrofitted, and can be used to replace bottom, intermediate or top panels of various heights.  Replacement panes can also come as ventilation panels or vision panels.




Goal Posts

Money Saving Door Solution #5: Goal Post Systems

Goal Post Door Systems are designed to protect your doors from expensive repairs by protecting your doors from forklift hits.  Read our September blog to learn more and see a video of these awesome goal posts in action!




Here is a BONUS saving solution. Have your doors PM’d. Repair small problems before they become bigger issues. There are many door companies in Michigan, but you can rely on Applied Handling as the go to company for all your warehouse door needs. Call us today to talk to one of our door experts. 1-800-837-8020.

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