Who is Applied Handling? The Employees behind the Company

Applied Handling is known for being the leader in loading dock, door and material handling equipment in Michigan. We spend a lot of effort advertising, blogging, blasting e-mails and featuring projects that highlight the services we offer. Behind these goods and services is a whole group of people who uphold the philosophy of being the best. And as you are about to find out, they have been standing behind and with Applied Handling FOREVER.

There are three Applied Handling offices in Michigan.  Dearborn, Grand Rapids and Clio. Fifty-four people work out of the three offices to provide you with some of the best customer service you will ever experience.  I usually tell new hires at AHI that we are like the Hotel California, you can check in but you can never leave. That’s because most people start here and just stay. If you don’t believe me check out the years of service chart below. The proof is in the numbers.

Years of ServiceNumber of Employees
20 or more years of service18 Employees
10 – 19 years of service9 Employees
5 – 9 years of service11 Employees
0 – 5 years of service16 Employees

Are you impressed yet? If not, maybe this will get you – The average number of years employed at Applied Handling is….drum roll….13 years.  More impressive, if you total the number of years for ALL employee, you get 712 years of experience in the loading dock and door business. Why wouldn’t you trust us for all your dock and door needs?

Other Fun Facts:

  • The acronym for Applied Handling, Inc. is AHI.
  • Originally, the Corporate Headquarters for AHI was in Detroit but moved to Dearborn in 1973.
  • Operations in Dearborn and Clio have 9 trucks on the road.
  • Operations in Grand Rapids has 12 trucks on the road.
  • The Grand Rapids location opened in 1994.
  • AHI expanded to the Saginaw area in 1973.
  • AHI has flourished over three generations of ownership.
  • Our Finance Department handles the accounting functions for all 3 locations. When I asked them for a fun fact about their department, 3 of the 4 people said “Finance is not fun”.
  • We have (2) Brandons, (2) Chris’, (2) Brians, (2) Garys, (3) Marks (but one with the spelling Marc so I am not sure if that counts), (4) Michaels, (2) Scotts and (4)Roberts.
  • No two women at Applied Handling have the same name…. proving, we are all unique.
  • Our employees have the best nicknames: ie, Kaz, Woz, Blaze, Dilly, Mango and Lerno. Sometimes initials create our nickname: HALZ, and MAD.  
  • Speaking of initials: When an Admin leaves their desk, they yell out BRB (for Be Right Back or bathroom break). At some point we realized this our AHI President’s initials. (I still find this very amusing).
  • Last, but not least, on our fun facts list: Madonna works here – Well, it’s Madonna Benkarski – She is our parts specialist. Call her at 1-800-837-8020 and quiz her, she knows parts.

I hope by now you realize that Applied Handling is more than loading docks and doors. It’s a family with collectively 712 years and 54 employees (WAIT! Now it’s 56 because, seriously, we hired two people since I started this blog) eagerly waiting to serve you and your material handling needs.

Written by Karen Zuk (AKA Zuk, Zuker, Zsa Zsa, Zukity bookity, Zukster, Zukmeister, Zuker Doo etc.)

Sales and Marketing Assistant in the Dearborn Office.