What if you could redesign, reconfigure, and customize your industrial space without the downtime, investment, and permanence of traditional construction? Zoneworks by Rite-Hite offers Fabric Curtain Walls which are a great solution.

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Zoneworks® Industrial Curtain Walls

Zoneworks® Industrial Curtain Walls are constructed in an adaptable, modular design that allows you to partition spaces quickly and affordably without the need for permanent walls. This flexible design gives you the ability to easily reconfigure, relocate, or remove them as your facility needs change.

  • Insulated Curtain Walls create separate temperature zones, contain heat, reduce noise, or enclose loading docks.
  • Non-Insulated Fabric Curtain Walls divide your facility, or control dust, fumes, and odors.
  • Custom Designed Curtain Walls – engineered for your special applications.

Zoneworks® Loading Dock Curtain Enclosures

Zoneworks® Loading Dock Enclosures can help you save energy, protect product, and improve employee comfort and safety.

Whether you have conventional interior or exterior loading dock areas or an outside open-air dock.

  • Keep Environmental elements out
  • Protect your product
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs around loading dock zones
  • Maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels

Acoustic Curtain Walls

Trust Zoneworks® Acoustic Curtain Walls to partition off separate sound zones anywhere, protecting employee hearing, and enhancing worker comfort. Our modular, flexible sound-dampening panels are layered with sound-absorbing materials that can reduce noise levels by 22-25 dBs, depending on existing frequency levels.

  • Reduce excessive noise levels
  • Enclose or isolate noisy equipment
  • Isolate areas for sound control
  • Employee comfort and productivity
  • SZ: Higher and lower frequency sounds. (Grinders, shredders, industrial machines & equipment)
  • SZ2: Mid-range frequency sound. (Lift traffic, light machinery noises, voices, office quipment.)

Fabric Curtain Walls

Quickly, easily, and affordably adapt interior spaces for changing environmental zoning needs using Zoneworks® non-insulated fabric curtain walls.

  • Dust Containment
  • Fume/Odor Control
  • Non-insulated fabric curtain wall construction

Heavy Duty Sliding Curtains

Heavy-Duty Sliding Curtain Walls quickly and cost-effectively adapt large spaces for your changing business needs.

  • Divide warehouse space effectively without constructing costly permanent walls
  • Make interior and exterior storage area
  • Stop influx of outside air and humidity when loading dock doors are open
  • Adapt space as you move or change your manufacturing processes/operations
  • Create privacy

Blast Freezer Curtains

Food manufacturers and distributors need to quickly bring foods to an optimal temperature to maintain their freshness, safety and integrity. Insulated panel doors are commonly used to seal blast freezer openings that can be as large as 25’ x 25’. At this size, these doors can become very heavy and hard to open, which can cause people to use dangerous methods to open them.

  • Eliminate the need for heavy or dangerous insulated panel doors.
  • Seal and redirect chamber’s airflow
  • Minimize buildup of ice on the floor
  • Enhance employees efficiency with single-person operation
  • Save money with a cost-effective, easy installation and minimal long-term maintenance.

Wash Down Curtain Walls

  • The Zoneworks® Wash Down Curtain Walls let you streamline and increase production while achieving cleanliness requirements.
  • Create safe and effective antimicrobial wash-down environment as part of HACCP best practices.
  • Keep production going at peak capacity.
  • Use in food and beverage operations
  • Isolate production lines to minimize overspray while cleaning
  • Reduce the potential for cross contamination.

Insulated Curtain Walls

Zoneworks® Insulated Curtain Walls provide you with an adaptable way to separate and partition off temperature-controlled areas, contain heat, and control humidity levels.

  • Temperature Separation
  • Heat Containment
  • Humidity Control
  • Curtain Wall Construction (TZ15, TZ35, TZ40+)

Compactor Enclosure

The Zoneworks® Compactor  Enclosure is a custom designed control solution for trash compactors and dumpsters.

  • Insulated fabric curtain wall panels and corrugated steel roof with intregal skylights.
  • Quick access opening so workers can easily access the compactor’s latching system.
  • Maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels for increased energy efficiency.
  • Keep wind and weather outside
  • Provides a safe and comfortable work environment for employees.
  • Save money with cost effective design/minimal maintenance.
  • Save tonnage and disposal costs by preventing rainwater from soaking cardboard.


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