Separating and defining work areas, walkways and interior loading docks has traditionally been accomplished with painted yellow lines on the floor.  While painted lines are low cost and easy to change, they offer limited visibility and benefit. We offer a variety of Guardrails and Handrails as well as door goal posts, bollard covers and safety stops.


  • SpanGuard provides a substantial visual and physical barrier.
  • Separates and defines large work areas, long walkways, work stations, interior loading docks.
  • Excellent visibility
  • Stops 200 lbs. force with minimal deflection.
  • Clean, aesthetic appearance
  • Up to 60′ clear span
  • Easy to install and relocate


GuardRite Strap

  • GuardRite Strap is an innovative barrier system that provides a unique way to protect large work areas or long walkways in your facility.
  • Provides an economical, effective visual and physical barrier.
  • Straps can span up to 60′ between permanently mounted steel posts and can be easily removed for unobstructed access.
  • Separates & defines interior loading docks, long walkways, large work areas.
  • Easy to install
  • Spans up to 60’ (18.29m) between posts


GuardRite Light Duty

  • GuardRite is an innovative, cost-effective way of separating areas in your facility
  • Modular design makes it easy to fit many configurations.  Rails can be removable.
  • Separates & defines work areas, walkways, storage areas.
  • Steel columns provide solid support.
  • 7-inch high x 3-inch wide rails with safety striping provide excellent visibility.
  • Absorbs incidental impacts and returns to original shape.
  • Withstands 200 lbs. of force from any direction.


GuardRite Heavy Duty

  • GuardRite helps prevent forklifts, sweepers and other in-plant vehicles from damaging your facilities or equipment and injuring your employees.
  • Installation is simple.  Bolt GUARDRITE® components together and anchor the mounting posts to the floor.
  • When properly installed, can withstand the impact of a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at speeds up to 4 mph.
  • Single rail system (17″ – high) provides excellent protection for most applications.
  • Double rail (43″ – high), where extra protection is needed



Heavy Duty Guard Rail

  • Heavy Duty Guard Rails are  designed for high forklift traffic areas in mind.
  • Withstands multiple impacts from a 12,000 lb forklift traveling 8 mph and is available in core in or plate mount options.
  • Sleeved in Hi- Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene so you never have to paint again.
  • Easily installed and removable for when floor plans change, and comes fully assembled.
  • Available in single or double heights
  • Available in fine core drill and surface mount design
  • Also available in standard duty which can withstand repeated impacts from a 12.000 lb forklift traveling 8 mph


Forkliftable Barrier

Dockshield Removable Forklift Barriers

Dockshield® Removable Forklift Barriers unrelentingly protect personnel and forklifts from falls at railcar loading docks, flatbed loading areas, and around heavy equipment.  In fact, Dockshield is the only barrier that helps avoid risk of pedestrian injury by enabling forklift operators to remain seated when lifting the unit.  This patented barrier system is designed of heavy steel, yet can be effortlessly lifted, moved, and stacked by forklifts.  Enlisted by top rail shippers in the U.S., these barriers can be installed only 16” from a loading dock edge, to help preserve aisle space.  Recognizing the somewhat vague OSHA code for workplace fall protection, Dockshield helps safety managers provide substantial protection via a variety of unmatched features.

Dockshield Removable Forklift Barriers – Product Features:

  • Exclusive lifting via forklift via built-in fork pockets; operator remains on forklift
  • Personnel and forklift guardrails: 42” high pedestrian barrier; 27” high mid rail; 12” high forklift barrier
  • Preserves valuable building space: a) stackable on adjacent units; b) installed only 16” from dock edge
  • Embedded floor sleeve: a) stabilizes the barrier; b) prevents tripping; c) leaves minimal opening in concrete
  • Plant Engineering “Product of the Year” Finalist



Roof Rails

  • Roof Rails are designed to meet OSHA standards for safety and protect roof membranes.
  • Manufactured with weighted foot plates.
  • Minimum run of 20ft.
  • Free standing system
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging roof membranes.
  • Made of 1 1/4″ schedule 40 steel and schedule 80 steel
  • Sleeved in high density polythylene thermoplastic



Steel and Plastic Hand Rail

  • Hand Rails are OSHA compliant, durable, and a low maintenance solution for any application where safety is a priority.
  • Sleeved in plastic to eliminate the need to ever paint again and saves time with easy installation.
  • All sections come fully assembled and are removable and reusable as floor plans change.
  • Standard height 42″
  • Aluminum/magnesium alloy fittings
  • Blue, red, OSHA yellow, white, silver and black with custom colors available



Goal Posts

  • Protect costly dock doors and high speed doors from forklift and truck traffic, saving money and time in installing replacements.
  • Received the Plant Engineering Product of the Year award.
  • Low maintenance, cost effective, and one of the best investments any facility can make.
  • Posts are made of 6″ schedule 40 steel and 4″ schedule 40 steel for the posts and crossbars, sleeved in a high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPE) tube.
  • Shipped in three pieces for easy installation.
  • 1/4″ thick HDPE will not crack, chip or split like PVC. The HDPE is an extruded plastic that withstands temperatures from 210 degrees F to -40 degrees F.


Bollard Covers

  • 1/8” and 1/4″ Nominal Thick Low-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic (LDPE)
  • Available diameters: 3″, 3 ½”, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″ and 10″
  • Bollard Covers can be Cut to Custom Heights.
  • Installation Tape Included
  • Comes in all colors.
  • Made with UV antistatic additives
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and fade resistant.
  • Custom logos available


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