Pre-engineered modular walls and structures can be used for virtually every wall or office requirement.  From traditional modular systems to areas needing sound, thermal and fire insulation, Applied Handling can help you find what you need.  Exterior building options include Guard Booths, Smoking Shelters and Observation Towers.


Modular Offices

  • Modular Offices create new space with the flexibility to keep up with the changes in your business.
  • Pre-engineerred modular building system
  • Faster / Cleaner assembly than traditional construction
  • More flexible – move and expand as needed
  • Tax Benefit – Expensed in one to two years vs. depreciation of conventional construction over 39 years

Modular Clean Room

  • Modular clean room wall systems interface with floors, ceilings, and mechanical components to provide an ultra-clean environment with effective control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration.

Booths and Shelters

  • Modular booths and shelters provide fast and affordable solutions for a wide range of applications

Wall Partitions

  • Wall partitions can also be used to separate plant space, provide environmental control, or create office space.

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