Cargo Theft: Is Your Loading Dock a Target? 

The original Dok-Lok Vehicle Restraint was introduced in 1980 – marking the launch of an industry that would fundamentally improve employee safety and productivity; increase product security; and reduce equipment damage at the loading dock. The undertaking was inspired by a critical need to safely secure trailers to the loading dock.  In addition to safety, the industry realized that any unsecured, dropped or unattended trailer at the loading dock is a prime target for cargo thieves.  

The Facts about Supply Chain Security:

  1. The FBI estimates 30 billion dollars’ worth of cargo is stolen each year. Just one stolen trailer could be worth $1 million dollars, or more.1
  2. Food and beverage products account for 24 percent of incidents and are targeted because of their low-price points, they are hard to trace, and the evidence is usually consumed rather quickly.2
  3. Electronics and home & garden goods, account for 15% and 12% of thefts, respectively.2

Improve dock security with Dok-LokĀ® Vehicle Restraints:

  • Rite-Hite has a full line of vehicle restraints to match your specific needs. Each one adds an additional level of security to your dock and is unmatched by any other line of restraints.
  • Dok-Loks can be interfaced with your facility security system.
  • Dok-Loks are physical and visual deterrents for cargo thieves.

If you would like to speak to a representative about Rite-Hite vehicle restraints, contact us today at 800-837-8020.


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