Economical Solutions for Common Plant Problems

By: Karen Zuk

Applied Handling provides economical solutions for common plant problems.  No matter how big or small, our service techs can get the job done.  This month we spotlight 6 basic warehouse problems where challenge meets solution.

  1. Bumpers Falling off the Dock
  2. Bent, Damaged or Collapsing Racks
  3. Revitalizing Ugly Warehouse Walls
  4. Separating rail docks from storage areas without expensive construction costs
  5. Prefab wall and Impact door separates interior from exterior
  6. Barriers in high traffic parts of the plant

Challenge us to find a solution to your smallest or biggest warehouse problem. With 67 years in the business, we’ve seen and solved it all (for the most part).  1-800-336-8020 or

Bumper and Pit Steel Repairs

Problem: Dock Bumpers Fell Off the Dock.

Solution: Applied Handling fixed the pit steel and reinstalled the bumpers:  Cut front pit steel off the grade and cut the angle to size. Fabricated (2) steel plates to cap bumper locations and welded into place.  Welded 12”x12”x4” laminated bumpers onto the new steel. Painted welds and exposed steel.

Problem Solution

Damotech Rack Repairs

Problem: Customers work unsafe work area due to bent, damaged or collapsing rack legs.

Solution: Applied Handling installed Damotech Pro Units to reinforce and repair the racking units.

Problem Repaired With
Damotech Pro Units


Zoneworks Wall Coverings to Revitalize a Warehouse

Problem: An Automotive Customer wanted to enhance the interior of their warehouse. The walls were dingy and torn with exposed insulation.

Solution: Zoneworks Wall Coverings installed as an economical solution to make the walls look brand new.

Problem Solution

Zoneworks Curtain Walls at the Rail Dock

Problem: Customer needed an inexpensive solution to partition a storage area from their rail dock.

Solutions: Applied Handling provided and installed 50’ of Zoneworks® Curtain Walls with view panels, mounting steel and wind straps to separate the zones.




Prefab Wall and Impact Door to Separate Space

Problem: The customer needed a way reduce the wind and air flow from an exterior door to a production area.

Solution: Applied Handling supplied and installed a 10’ High x 81″ long In-Plant Wall with a Single Impact Pedestrian Door.  Wall by Panel Built. Impact door by Eliason.


Spanguard Safety Barrier

Problem: A food packaging facility needed to create a barrier in a high traffic area to protect employees from Forklift Traffic.

Solution: Applied Handling installed 90’ of Rite-Hite Spanguard Safety Barrier and a rail assembly gate.


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