With safety and security being priority at the loading dock, Rite-Hite and Applied Handling maintain a commitment to innovative safety products.  Protect your busy or vacant loading docks against dangerous situations by evaluating your dock equipment for hazards. Follow this guide to optimize safety and productivity. Contact us today at 800-837-8020 or email info@appliedhandling.com to have one of our trained experts do an assessment of the equipment at  your facility. 


Smooth Transition Leveler:

  • Prevents Dock Shock or whole-body shock when forklifts are entering the truck trailer.

Safe-T-Lip Dock Leveler

  • Protects loading dock drop off & prevent forklifts from driving off the loading dock


  • Prevent collapse of the dock leveler if a forklift accidentally drives onto a raised leveler.
  • Protect personnel during inspection and pit clean out.
  • Lockout / tagout capability

Vehicle Restraint

  • Secures the trailer to the dock to help prevent:
    1. Loading Dock Separation
    2. Trailer Creep
    3. Early Departure
    4. Trailer Pop Up or Trailer UpEnding
    5. Trailer Landing Gear Collapse
    6. Prevent Cargo Theft

Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier

  • Prevents people, pallet jacks and forklifts from falls at the loading dock

Light Communications Systems

  • Clearly inform dock personnel when they can safely enter and exit a truck trailer and inform truck drivers when it is safe to depart.

Safe-T-Signal Warning System

  • Detect traffic from all directions and communicates with high-visibility traffic control LED symbols to the oncoming traffic. Safe-T-Signal

Integrated Control Panel Systems:

  • Interconnects the Leveler, Restraint and Door and forces a safety sequence of operations.
  • Enhance safety during maintenance with a single lock-out/tagout provision.

Blog by: Karen Zuk


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