Featured Product – Industrial Application Swing Doors by Shure Star.

Shure Star is a Michigan based manufacturing company out of Auburn Hills.  Dedicated to producing superior specialty products, Shure Star has an experienced team who can make your design challenges become a reality. This month we are featuring Shure Star’s industrial application swing doors.

Built according to required specifications, industrial swing doors are available in a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass panels. Other options available include electric operation, crane, or conveyor cutouts. Industrial swing doors are ideal for applications such as blast, bullet resistant, acoustical, air tight, and radiation shielding.

From specialty doors to control panel integration, Applied Handling & Shure Star developed a strong business relationship focusing on quality products and customer satisfaction. We have collaborated on a variety of distinctive projects that required original design solutions.  Whatever your industry, bring us your unique commercial door applications, we look forward to the challenge. 1-800-837-8020.



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