Why High Speed Industrial Roll Up Rubber Doors?

An industrial facility asks a lot of its overhead doors and Applied Handling is prepared to meet all of those challenges with PerforMax high quality, industrial roll-up rubber doors. PerforMax MaxSeries Industrial Doors are a safe, impactable and resettable door built to withstand the test of time.  The unique breakaway system installed with each of our products ensures safety first by allowing the bottom bar to break free of the track upon heavy impact.  This allows all of our doors to be installed in high impact, high traffic areas without compromising security.

  • Nearly Indestructible.
  • Energy Efficient. Seals openings against cold weather. Thermal barrier keeps facilities warm in winter and reduces energy bills. Handles temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Unique and efficient door mechanism reduces the amount of time it takes for the doors to open and close.
  • Quality steel guides ensure doors open and close accurately. PerforMax Doors do not use counterweights, springs, hinges or pulleys to open and close your doors.
  • Ideal for high traffic areas.


Ideal for high traffic applications where existing doors are too slow for intense forklift traffic. The PerforMax MaxSpeed combines industrial strength with high speed giving you an unbeatable high performance door. With a high-speed direct drive motor and heavy duty curtain this door is design for continuous operation in high traffic and impact openings. Helping minimize downtime in production and operations, the MaxSpeed door is designed for ease of use and low maintenance cost without compromising performance or security.


Easy to install and maintain,  the MaxDock is truly a virtaull parts free, economical, impactable loading dock door. The Max Dock reduces unnecessary service calls and lost productivity. Its low headroom requirements make it an easy fit in areas where space is at a minimum and access is difficult. As perfect replacement to rolling steel and sectional doors, the MaxDock is built to withstand impacts and abuse in any warehouse distribution and logistics facility. It is desigend to work as a manual door or with an optional operator.


As the most versatile industrial rubber door, the PerforMax MaxRoll-M/MaxRoll is built to keep your facility moving. With its torsion spring design the MaxRoll is made to work as a manual door or with a gearhead operator in all environments. It becomes the perfect replacement door for sectional or rolling steel doors. The heavy duty rubber curtain and breakaway bottom bar reduces the maintenance cost and downtimes of traditional doors.


For those looking to combine industrial strength with high performance, the PerforMax MaxPower is the door for the opening. With a direct drive motor and heavy duty curtain this door is design to take impacts and abuse of harsh environments. The MaxPower door is designed with for ease of use and low maintenance cost without compromising security or production.

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