Specialty doors are not unique to Applied Handling. We have been helping customers find solutions to their distinctive door requirements for years.

BugShield Door

The BugShield Door is a screen mesh designed to block the infiltration of pests into a facility. It is available in either a roll-up model, or a convenient sliding model for wider door-ways. Both doors have these unique benefits:

  • Keep insects and birds outside the facility.
  • Allow fresh air in for comfort and productivity.
  • Enable light to enter the work area.
  • Improve safety by providing a visual barrier.
  • Deter theft and vandalism.
Acoustic Sound Doors

Sound Doors

Bring Applied Handling your unique sound door needs.  From engine test chambers and sound studios, our experts can design your sound doors for the most difficult acoustical requirements. Acoustical properties range from STC 28 doors to special frequency applications with extremely low frequencies.

  • Doors are tested meet stringent requirements, and are available in:
    • Sliding
    • Vertical lift
    • Swinging
    • Folding,
    • Specialty applications
    • Oversized openings

Doors are available in structural, sheet metal steel, concrete and stainless steel construction or when required for specialty applications, special facings for the appearance required for high end architectural projects.

Blast Door

500PSIGas Tight Blast Door

Concrete Filled Acoustical Door

This 850,000 lb., 40’ x 60’ x 2’ concrete filled acoustical door was built for the aerospace industry and was a combination of a sliding door and a swing door.  While the opening was 40 feet, there was only 30 feet of interior space available to slide the door open, so a swing door had to fill the other 10 feet.  Below is the progression of the project.

Swing Door with Pneumatic Seals

Aerospace Industry 166,000 lb swing door with pneumatic seals, tested to 165 db at 35 and 50 Hz

Specialty Crafted Doors

Applied Handling can provide doors that are both functional and decorative. This 21’w x 9’h’ door serves as a partition between a general assembly room and book store at a church.  The door is a one piece vertical slab that recedes straight up into a wall. The panels were crafted to match the wood detail in adjoining rooms. Applied Handling supplied the door and spectacular craftsmanship.

4-Fold Doors

  • 4-Fold Doors are three times as fast as overhead and rolling steel doors with adjustable variable speeds up to 36″ per second operation.
  • Available with various glazing designs, from old world feel to modern high tech appearance.
  • For special applications with decorative or security bars for door and gate operations.
  • All equipment designed for long life with minimum maintenance and service.
  • Built in any width or height.

Goal Posts

  • Protect costly dock doors and high speed doors from forklift and truck traffic, saving money and time in installing replacements.
  • Received the Plant Engineering Product of the Year award.
  • Low maintenance, cost effective, and one of the best investments any facility can make.
  • Posts are made of 6″ schedule 40 steel and 4″ schedule 40 steel for the posts and crossbars, sleeved in a high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPE) tube.
  • Shipped in three pieces for easy installation.
  • 1/4″ thick HDPE will not crack, chip or split like PVC. The HDPE is an extruded plastic that withstands temperatures from 210 degrees F to -40 degrees F.


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