CoolMan Zone Fans

Rite-Hite’s CoolMan® Zone Fan is your economical solution to thermal comfort in your facility. These small, cost-effective destratification fans create a concise column of air that gently mixes the air from ceiling-to-floor throughout a facility providing an even temperature in virtually any space. They help to eliminate hot and cold spots and increase overall air circulation, helping improve comfort and save energy year-round!

CoolMan® Zone Fans are small destratification fans that continuously deliver a powerful, precise column of air creating a uniform temperature designed to reduce energy costs and improve worker comfort and productivity.

Due to their small size, CoolMan® Zone Fans are easy to install in aisles, small spaces, or around obstructions such as lighting and fire suppression equipment. CoolMan® Zone Fans are an ideal complement to HBVS Fans, allowing facilities to efficiently move air through the entire space.

See Rite-Hite’s CoolMan Zone Fan video.

CoolMan HVHS Fan

Regulating airflow and temperature are issues that business owners have been dealing with for years. Until lately, portable fans have been used with limited success. But before you give up, let us introduce you to Rite-Hite’s HVHS (high volume, high speed) portable industrial fans.

Our portable HVHS fans can help solve your air movement problem and improve productivity by reducing effective temperatures of the working environment in your warehouse. Additionally, our application engineers are trained to use strategic planning to apply HVHS fans in a way that will maximize performance and airflow in your facility, while giving you the year-round comfort and results you desire.

Available as a Portable Floor Fan, Portable Floor Fan with 90° Tilt, and Ceiling Column Mount with 90° Tilt and 360° Swivel

  • Belt drive for quiet, lower decibel operation
  • 2 mph air movement up to 90′ away


You may have heard that HVLS ceiling fans have reduced the demand for traditional floor fans. It’s true that HVLS fans have had a tremendous impact on maximizing airflow in facilities across the country; however, our experience says the best application is often a combination of both HVHS and HVLS. The combination of both fan types is something our application engineers do often, but there are also cases where larger industrial ceiling fans like HVLS models won’t fit. Whether it’s a low ceiling, a pick module, a mezzanine, a rack aisle, near cranes or other obstructions, you just might not be able to accommodate a larger fan. These sorts of situations call for the use of Rite-Hite’s feature-heavy portable industrial fans.

Rite-Hite’s portable HVHS industrial fans are perfect for:

  • Warehouses
  • Assembly lines
  • Loading docks
  • Machine shops
  • Bakeries
  • Laundries
  • Gymnasiums
  • Auto repair facilities

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