Industrial Screen Doors – Protect your warehouse from unwanted pests

We are all patiently waiting for Spring to get here and STAY.  However, warm weather can bring bug, bird and ventilation problems to your warehouse.  If unwanted guests are bugging you, or you simply want to feel the cool breeze while enjoying the sun, Applied Handling offers the solution of insect protection doors in roll-up and sliding models.  Bug Screen Doors can keep your facility pest-free while adding air flow and comfort for employees.

What are some advantages of installing Bug Screen Doors at your warehouse?

  • Seal door openings keeping rodents, bugs and birds OUT.
  • Allow fresh air in for comfort and productivity.
  • Enable light to enter the work area.
  • Reduce heat from the sun keeping the facility cooler, longer.
  • Improve safety by providing a visual barrier.
  • Keep casual foot traffic from entering your warehouse.

Bug Screen Doors by Applied Handling

Call Applied Handling at 800-837-8020 and ask to speak to a representative about RiteHite BugShield Doors and other pest control options for your facility.