Dock Seals and Shelters

Energy conservation and protecting finished goods from rain and snow have never been more important.  A properly designed dock enclosure will keep the outside elements out during the loading cycle.  Rite-Hite®dock seals and shelters offer unique solutions, such as Firefighter Technology, for protecting against trailer marker light fires at the dock.  The Eliminator Gapmaster provides full access loading while sealing the trailer hinge gap.

Our blog titled “Top 10 reasons for ordering a new dock shelter” explains how a properly designed dock seal can be energy efficient.

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Rite-Hite® ComboShelter

The Rite-Hite® ComboShelter impactable dock shelter offers the ultimate solution to the unique challenges associated with sealing a variety of trailer traffic that includes trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions. 

  • Designed with an extended projection and unique construction to ensure adequate seal around trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions. 
  • Fully impactable side frames protect the unit from damage from backing trailers. 
  • Seals around perimeter of trailer allowing full, unobstructed access to trailer loads. 
  • Adjustable C-4 style head curtain rests with pressure on trailer top allowing full height clearance in trailer. 
  • HMWPE-wrapped foam side frames provide vertical stability and horizontal flexibility at extended projections to ensure maximum sealing effectiveness and longest product life. 
  • Fabric reinforcing on insides of side curtains and head curtains prevents added wear due to curtain backlash from over-penetrated trailers. 
  • Slim profile (6″ std, 152mm) side frames create a narrow footprint. Product fits tight spaces; can eliminate costly repositioning of lights, conduit, etc. 
  • Detachable side curtains allow easy removal and reattachment for ventilation or to replace or exchange curtains when needed. 
Eclipse Dock Shelter™

Rite-Hite® Eclipse Dock Shelter

Block the Light and Seal the Gaps with the Rite-Hite® Eclipse Dock Shelter.

  • The only shelter that offers full rain protection.
  • Seal the Sides: Durable GapMaster™ hooks wrap around swing-open trailer doors, sealing hinge gaps.
  • Seal the Top: Along the top of the trailer, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies pressure across the full width of the trailer to ensure a tight and consistent seal.
  • Seal the Corners:  The Eclipse side curtains and weighted header work to gether to seal gaps that ordinary shelters do not address.
  • Seal the Bottom with the available Pitmaster™ under-leveler sealing system.
  • Additional features include:
    ♦      Impacable foam side frames
    ♦      5″ trailer coverage range
    ♦      HMWPE impact plates
    ♦      Removable sealing hooks
    ♦      Compact:Fits into tight spaces; saves cost of moving lights, signs, etc.)
    ♦      Durathon™ high-strength, friction resistant side curtains.
    ♦      36-month money-back satisfaction guarantee.



Rite-Hite® GapMaster Shelter

The impactable Rite-Hite® GapMaster Shelter is a full-access enclosure that provides high sealing efficiency. It can prevent the loss of expensive energy through exposed trailer door hinge gaps, and reduce intrusion of outside elements into your facility.

  • Designed for 9′ wide doors and larger.
  • Seals at the sides of the trailer so that full access loading can be accomplished.
  • Provides Hinge Gap Sealing Hooks that provide full access while eliminating the white space of the trailer door hinge area.
  • Head member and side frames are impactable for low maintenance.
  • Removable side curtains for easy replacement.
  • Available with Firefighter™ heat dissipating protection in head curtain to prevent burning from heat of trailer marker lights.

Rite-Hite® Survivor Shelter

The impactable Survivor Dock Shelter can help you prevent the steep repair and replacement costs associated with ordinary, rigid-frame dock shelters. Thanks to rugged Neotec™ HMWPE side frame technology, Survivor Shelters can withstand hits from off-center trailers without suffering permanent damage the way traditional shelters made of wood, fiberglass and steel can.

  • Designed for 9′ wide doors and larger.
  • Seals at the sides of the trailer so that full access loading can be accomplished.
  • Head member and side frames are impactable for low maintenance.
  • Many fabric options available.
  • Available with Firefighter™ heat dissipating protection in head curtain to prevent burning from heat of trailer marker lights.


Rite-Hite Classic Dock Seal

Rite-Hite® Classic Dock Seal

Built to Rite-Hite’s high standards for quality. Rite-Hite® Classic Dock Seals offer traditional benefits with a range of options to increase durability and sealing effectiveness. 

  • Rugged ArmorPleat™ protection – Available on full length of side pads, ArmorPleats provide additional abrasion protection to extend the life of the dock seal. Available in high-strength, friction-resistant Durathon® fabric. 
  • Head Pad Model: Traditional head pad – Foam compression head pad seals directly against trailer. Corner wear pleats provide added reinforcement. 
  • Head Curtain Model: Adjustable head curtain – Pull-rope activation allows flexibility to manually adjust seal to varying trailer heights to ensure most effective coverage. Corner wear pleats provide added reinforcement. 
  • Available Firefighter® header protection* – Optional Firefighter system prevents head pad from burning due to the heat buildup of compressed trailer marker lights. 

Rite-Hite® Performer Dock Seal

Rite-Hite Performer Dock Seal is Rite-Hite’s top design, featuring ultra durable side pad construction and High-Performance headers for the ultimate in durability and sealing effectiveness. Most features are exclusive to Rite-Hite, setting Rite-Hite Performer Dock Seal apart from traditional dock seals.  

  • Pleat-free, ultra durable side pad face* – Rugged, friction-resistant Durathon® reinforcing covers vinyl base layer, to give trailers a smooth, “slippery” single surface to ride against, reducing abrasion and wear. 
  • Full-height inside side pad reinforcing – Durathon reinforcing protects side pads from damage due to hits from forklifts and loads. 
  • Triple-reinforced corner wear boots* – Multiple layers under outer Durathon friction-resistant fabric fortify corners, where earliest and most severe damage typically occurs. 
  • Replaceable wear components* – Corner wear boots and head curtain face are attached with Velcro and are quickly and easily replaced, if needed, for simple, low-cost maintenance or upgrades. 
  • Internal Firefighter® technology* – Triple-layer foil heat-dissipation system in header prevents burning from the heat build-up of compressed trailer marker lights. 
  • Light-blocking header face* – Mini pleats close gaps caused by seal-breaking protrusions on backs of trailers. 
  • Available PitMaster™ 4th-side sealing system* – Gaps beneath and around dock leveler and bumpers are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing energy savings, improving cleanliness and helping pass inspections. 

Rite-Hite® PitMaster II Under-Leveler Seal

Rite-Hite® PitMaster II under-leveler sealing system completes the job of the loading dock seal or shelter, by simply and effectively sealing the 4th side of the dock opening. With over 50,000 Pitmaster seals in use at docks everywhere, the newly improved Pitmaster II system features state-of-the-art design and materials to complement a wider array of dock leveler types and enhance performance all around. 

  • Improved facility cleanliness – Helps keep dirt, debris and refuse out of leveler pit; closes gaps around leveler that allow dirt, dust and insects into the building. Improves industrial hygiene and sanitation, and reduces white space to help pass FSMA quality inspections and audits. 
  • Reduced energy loss – Minimizes airflow through openings in the leveler pit, and reduces transfer of heat into or out of your facility through the steel leveler deck. The result: Substantial energy savings 24 hours a day, whether or not a trailer is parked at the dock. Can save up to $1,000 per year per dock position in total energy savings, depending on climate. 
  • Elimination of large gaps and small – System includes main sealing curtain, side seals (for gaps between leveler toe guards and pit wall), filler panels (for gaps at in leveler frame), and filler loops (for sealing small gaps around obstructions.) Optional lip corner seals available for sealing leveler corner gaps. 



RainGuard Header Seal

The RainGuard RG-3000 rain diverting header seal provides an expanded coverage range, greater durability, and better sealing against water on your docks than any other water seal system available.

  • Protect product from damage or contamination.
  • Eliminate wet, slippery conditions on the dock.
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity.
  • 15″ Coverage Range: Seals trailers 12′ 3″ – 13′ 6″ off grade
  • Exclusive pivoting canopy header helps prevent frame and seal damage if trailers come in higher than expected.
  • Retrofits to existing seal or shelter
  • Rugged Neotec™ front plates take thousands of impacts


Comfort Seal – MRI Shelter

Custom designed and built for each application, Comfort Seal – MRI Shelters can be placed to provide convenient protected access from existing medical facilities to MRI units with little or no architectural change.

Rail-Dox™ Rail Shelter

Rail Shelters provide protection from the elements when loading or unloading rail cars. Available in both air inflatable and spring loaded units.

     Rail-Dox™ Flexible Rail Shelter

  • Flexible spring-tension holds extended dock shelter to side of railcar for an effective seal.
  • Cord and pulley assembly make extension and retraction an easy, one-person operation.
  • When retracted and secured with tie back straps, unit projects only inches from building face.
  • Available in 3 or 4 sided units.

           Rail-Dox™ Inflatable Rail Shelter

  • Tightest railcar seal.
  • Fast inflation cuts energy loss, protects products and people.
  • When deflated, resilient fabric retracts neatly and compactly against building wall.
  • Durable and very low maintenance.
  • Wide selection of fabric colors.

Rite-Hite® VHLS Dock Seal

Rite-Hite® VHLS dock seal is designed for the Rite-Hite RHV Vertical Storing Hydraulic Leveler, the VHLS dock seal provides a snug seal against the pit floor when the leveler is in use. VHLS components work together to save energy and maintain pit cleanliness. 

  • Unique collapsible curtain design – Durable, insulated fabric curtain with compressible foam supports provides reliable seal with every use. 
  • Compatible with drive-through dock design – Allows trailer doors to be opened and closed freely inside dock for security purposes. 
  • Promotes facility cleanliness – Helps prevent infiltration of dust, debris and insects into building while trailers are being loaded or unloaded. 
  • Helps control energy loss – Seals open gaps beneath leveler when dock door is open, helping prevent loss of heating or cooling energy from the building. 

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