Portable Loading Docks

Realizing that conventional loading dock construction is difficult to cost-justify in leased, short term or low use facilities, portable loading docks are providing loading dock flexibility and financial benefits.

These heavy duty forklift ramps are engineered to assume the workhorse duties of a conventional loading dock, offering equipment depreciation based on useful life of 7-10 years vs. conventional construction, which is 30-50 years.

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Portable Loading Docks

Great for exterior or interior installation, these, these modular loading docks are equipped with the safety features required of a concrete loading dock by the International Building Code, OSHA and leading safety standards and can be relocated when necessary.

Portable Loading Docks are pre-fabricated to include side curbs, handrails, and wheel chocks, as well as open steel grating that allows snow and rain to fall through, unlike concrete or asphalt ramps.

  • Interior or Exterior Installation
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • 96″ Usable width
  • 8′ level off
  • 13″ Solid Side Cubes
  • OSHA Handrails
  • Intregal 8′ x 7′ dock leveler
  • Service range 36″ – 56″
  • Single Person Operation
  • Ability to Relocate

Self Standing Platforms

Self Standing Platforms are moveable platforms that can be integrated with loading docks and vehicle restraints. Increase loading dock capacity and create cross dock loading docks without the costly concrete construction of permanent docks. Featuring a modular design that incorporates OSHA safety standards, these engineered-to-order platforms enable businesses to custom-design interior or exterior self-supported structures to meet their loading needs.

Self-Standing Platforms feature handrails and stairs, and can integrate high capacity loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints to meet the demands of the operation’s loading frequency and volume.

Self-Standing Platforms are custom design and are manufactured in variations such as cross dock platforms, rail dock platforms, interior dock platforms for viable loading dock capacity that meet each customer’s specialized needs.


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Portable Cross Dock

Portable Cross Dock Platforms are custom engineered and designed to help suppliers and manufacturers more efficiently distribute product directly to a customer or retail chains.  These heavy-duty self-standing cross loading dock platforms provide a central site for sorting products. With cross docking solutions, customers are able to combine numerous smaller loads into one shipment to reduce transportation costs. The dock also expedites the delivery of refrigerated items or other quick ship products without needing a warehouse for short-term storage.

Dock Access Ramp

Dock to Grade Access Ramps

Providing simple access from building to grade without permanent construction or use of concrete, Dock to Grade Access Ramps are complete and modular to allow for fast installation and easy relocation.

  • Engineered-to-order to accommodate each building opening, these long-lasting ramps eliminate the expense and time investment involved in concrete work for retaining walls, loading dock approach and drainage issues.
  • Designed to include safety features required by IBC of conventional loading docks, these portable ramps arrive equipped with 13” high solid side curbs, handrails above 30” of elevation, and serrated steel grating for added traction.

Ideal for growing businesses or those in leased facilities, Dock to Grade or Dock to Ground Ramp is a capital investment that can be transported to another facility.

Parcel Dock Ramps

Dock Parcel Ramps

While conventional concrete loading docks are built to accommodate 48” tall standard trailers, Dock Parcel Ramps help companies service 24” high delivery vehicles.

  • By raising a delivery vehicle so that it is level with the building, these engineered-to-order ramps help expedite package loading/unloading and increase employee safety.
  • Because they are portable, Parcel Dock Ramps can be moved and repositioned if the business’ shipping needs require a loading dock re-configuration.

A smart alternative to building a dedicated 24” high dock, these ramps feature open, serrated bar grating to allow snow and rain to fall through for increased traction and can be equipped with stair assemblies and built in special widths depending on the application.

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