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Applied Handling Inc. offers complete industrial, custom control panels . We provide integrated control systems for dock levelers, vehicle restraints, industrial doors and dock shelters. Our combination control packages meet automotive specification recognized by AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group).

  • Optimize Dock Safety with interlock options
  • Increase Productivity
  • Lower electrical installation costs
  • Clean and simple wall configuration
  • Enhances safety during maintenance
  • Conforms to “best practices” guidelines set by AIAG

Specialty Control Panels

Custom paint as well as custom enclosure sizes are available, including stanchions, which offer extra protection. Control systems are Nema, IEC, J.I.C. standard and UL 508A listed. All panels are equipped with OSHA power Lock-out requirements and meet all federal, state, and local requirements.

  • Combination Dock Controls with Custom Enclosures
  • Custom Color Control Panels
  • Explosion Proof Control Panels


Control Panel-Custom Enclosure

Combination Control Panels

Integrate all operations into a single control panel

Accidents and near misses at the loading dock can be prevented by safely interlocking and integrating the loading dock controls into a single panel. Applied Handling’s custom designed systems can help your facility by designing new projects or surveying your existing facility to help you.

The Right Way – Single Panel

  • Single disconnect for all power inside panel
  • Fused, single location to lock-out all system electrical power.
  • Controlled, Interlocked, Sequence of Operation for SAFE loading and unloading
  • Single pictorial/written Sequence Diagram on the panel for the complete system.
  • Single electrical drawing set located in pocket on door panel for easier troubleshooting.
  • Protects personnel, dock equipment, the building, and trailers from damage due to operator error.

The Wrong Way – Multiple Panels

  • Multiple sources
  • Multiple power feeds and lock-out locations can be confusing.
  • Panels non-sequenced and non-interlocked. Safety can be compromised by human error.
  • No single tag for system operation.
  • Confusing multiple drawings stuffed in panels or glued to face of door panels.
  • Non Sequenced human error can lead to accidents and damage.


Rite-Vu Light Communication System

Rite-Vu is a complete detection and visual management warning system. It consists of three separate products, including: Corner-Vu, Leveler-Vu and Pedestrian-Vu.

  • Corner-Vu provides immediate Dok-Lok status-at-a-glance to the forklift driver before entering the trailer.
  • Leveler-Vu confirms Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver while inside the trailer.
  • Pedestrian-Vu visually communicates to loading dock personnel if a forklift is inside a trailer.
  • Helps prevent forklift-pedestrian collisions.
  • Helps reduce catastrophic trailer separation accidents.
  • Clear, concise communication to the right person, at the right time, in the right location.
  • Virtual filament technology reduces light pollution and allows for directional light.

Dok-Commander Combination Control Panel

The Dok-Commander system integrates multiple control components at each dock position for a total dock safety system.

Dok-Commander Features and Benefits

  • Improves productivity and total dock safety with interlock options that ensure equipment is used in the proper sequence and to achieve its full capabilities.
  • Easy to operate centralized panel includes the controls of multiple devices.
  • Lower electrical installation costs by powering each dock position from a single branch circuit.
  • Clean and simple wall configuration, since each Dok-Commander box eliminates the need for multiple control boxes, and its narrow size allows for tight door centerlines.
  • Enhances safety during maintenance with a single optional lock-out/ tag-out provision.

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