Modernize your Warehouse Lighting – Upgrade to Retrofit LED fixtures

Applied Handling has the perfect solution for modernizing the old ballast and tube lighting at your warehouse or office.  We have partnered with Always Earth Friendly to offer customers direct connect LED lights which attach to current troffers with a patented high power magnet system or screws.

These quick and easy magnetic LED fixtures connect directly into incoming line voltage. The LED tubes are daisy chained together for up to 240’ of the brightest light.  Existing lamp holders are not replaced and no kits needed.

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Literature: High Bay Fixtures

 Old Ballast and lamp holders are worn and broken.

Solution: Eliminate ballasts.  We simply magnetize the LED fixture to the existing troffer, and quickly daisy chains the tubes together.


Dimly lit areas from T5 and T8 fixtures.

Solution: Always Earth Friendly uses the highest lumens per watt and the easiest installation.


The lighting in your high bay warehouse needs to upgrade from Metal Halide Lights.

Solution: Same tube technology in a frame for complete replacement.


Dark areas in your building that currently have zero lighting

Solution: Easy to install, daisy chain design allows up to 240’ run using 277 volt or 110 volt power source.

Why settle for poor lighting that requires expensive or cumbersome replacement parts when you can quickly and economically upgrade your entire facility and bring it into the 21st Century with Retrofit LED fixtures.

Call or email Applied Handling today for an on-site demonstration. 1-800-837-8020.

Blog by: Karen Zuk

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