Simply designed around a single operational platform, FasTrax High Speed doors are highly versatile and can virtually be matched to any interior, exterior, wash-down, and cooler or freezer cycle application, reducing the complication of maintaining multiple door models in one facility. Rely on FasTrax to diminish inefficiencies in many areas of your warehouse.

Do you have the following problems at your facility? Contact Applied Handling and ask about FasTrax Doors as the solution.

  • High maintenance costs due to doors being hit or springs breaking
  • Slow rolling steel doors at your high paced warehouse
  • Energy Efficiency from dock to cooler
  • Worn out doors that continue to fail for a cooler application
  • Frost around the edge of your cold storage doors
  • Water or Ice on the floor from condensation
  • Ice Buildup on your freezer walls, ceilings or doors
  • Old strip or bi-fold doors leading into the freezer or cooler section

Today, higher quality fabric doors are extremely low maintenance because they are designed to handle thousands of cycles before replacement. They also are designed to handle impacts from lift truck traffic without damage while re-feeding the curtain after impact. This eliminates the need to trouble the already overworked maintenance personnel.


So, now that Fabric Doors are high speed, designed to take a hit and are low maintenance and reliable, where do customers utilize them?

The perfect place in your warehouse for a fabric door includes any location where there is a need to separate two environments from weather or contaminants.

Other areas to consider are locations where door damage and maintenance is hurting your budget. If you have a door getting hit or breaking springs, it is likely a great location to consider the benefits of a high speed fabric door.

Please visit our High-Speed Door or Cooler/Freezer door pages to find the FasTrax application that best fits your warehouse needs.

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