Tired of constant and costly rack repairs? Applied Handling offers Damotech repair kits, a permanent rack solution that guarantees against future impact damage. Because of Damotech’s durability, your  your product, employees and bottom line are protected. Damotech Pro installs in about 45 minutes with no welding or unloading of racking. Damotech repair kits put an end to the ongoing cycle of upright replacements making them an economical and long-term solution.

  • Respects the integrity of the original engineered product
  • Installation is quick, often without unloading racks
  • Restores original load capacity of the rack
  • Can fit any type of rack
  • No welding
  • Pro lineup offers lifetime warranty against lift impact
  • Protects against future damage

Types of Rack Repair Kits

Kits with lifetime warranty against impact: 

  • Damo Pro – Single Column: For reinforcement of a single damaged pallet rack column
  • Damp Pro – Front & Back Columns: This option repairs and protects the front and rear columns at once.
  • Damo Pro – Cantilevered : This option repairs and protects existing cantilevered racking systems

Kits with 10-year warranty against impact

  • Damo Flex – Single Column: Repair & reinforce an upright column.
  • Damo Flex – Front & Back Column: Combo option kit repairs both front and back column.

How Rack Repair Works

  1. Call us at 1-800-832-8020 to set up an appointment.
  2. Our specialist conducts a free on-site damage assessment to assess the condition of your racking system.
  3. Our specialist provides a proposal for rack repair kits and labor required to restore racks.
  4. Upon purchase order approval, the rack repair kits are put into production.
  5. Upon receipt of material, our expert installers schedule the installation.


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