Project Summary:  Medical Center Trailer Comfort Seal Enclosure
Project Managers:  Brandon Murray, Bob Mangus
Install Team: Brian Turner (Manager), Greg Williams, Robert Klinefelter, Zack Palazzola
Industry:  Hospital – Health Care
Date of Completion:  12/2019

Design Challenges:

1.) Angled Truck Seal
Solution: Custom Engineered Rite-Hite® Comfort Seal enclosure for mobile medical units.

2.) Windows on building prevented support brackets to be directly mounted to the building.
Solution: Our expert installation team designed and fabricated a free standing frame system to mount and secure the comfort seal.

Comfort Seal Specifications:

Rite-Hite® Comfort Seal enclosure for mobile medical units protects patients and personnel while using CT, MRI or other Mobile Medical Trailers. The inflatable enclosure is a permanent fixture to the building and inflates and seals to the trailer, maintaining the integrity and comfort of the hospital setting while transporting patients from hospital to unit.

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