Project Summary: New design build distribution facility for the food industry
Project Captain: Mike Wozniak
Equipment Manufacturers: Rite-Hite, CHI Overhead Doors, Manaras
(15) Vertical Storing Levelers
(15) Dok-Commander Control Panels
(15) Combo Shelters
(20) CHI Overhead doors. (15) 10’2×11’3), (1) 12’2×14 . (4) 9’2 x10
(20) Manaras Door Operators
(5) Fastrax Doors

Vertical Leveler Specifics

• (15) Rite-Hite Model RHV4100 – Vertical Store Leveler
• 6’x6’ Hydraulic vertical leveler with 20”lip.
• 46,000 lb capacity. 4” steel face dock bumpers.
• Two-point lip crown provides smoothest transition between dock leveler and trailer to prevent injuries and product damages.
• Mechanical counterbalance valve allows leveler to float when positioned in the trailer.
• Rite-Hite Dok-Commander Control Panel

Combo Shelter Specifics

• (15) Rite-Hite Model 610C Soft Sided Shelter
• Specially designed for docks that receive a combination of standard trailers and trailers with liftgates or other rear extensions. Also ideal for docks at which trailer doors are opened inside the facility.
• Fabric reinforcing on insides of side curtains and head curtains prevents added wear due to curtain backlash from over-penetrated trailers.
• Detachable side curtains.
• Fabric canopy pivots to avoid damage if trailer backs in off center or higher than expected.

Interior Freezer Door Specifics

• Rite-Hite Model FasTrax FRLD
• Operating speeds of 100” per second
• Auto Re-feed. No need to reset the door at the control box after impact.
• Curtain: InsulMax insulated curtain (R-4 insulation value), Withstands wind loading of 25 MPH.
• Thermal-flex sealing system.
• Versatile track designs: Fits most any application without costly building modifications.
• Set of two (2) LED Countdown Timers and Two (2) curtain fans standard
• Graphic User Interface Controls (GUI), Intuitive Touch Screen Display
• Soft Breakaway™ Technology

Interior FasTrax Door Specifics

• Operating speeds of up to 100″ per second (2.5 m/sec)
• TRUE Auto Re-feed.
• Withstands pressures equivalent to 0.3 inches of water (1.6 psf) for interior doors and 75 MPH winds (15 psf) for exterior doors
• Versatile track designs: Radial Lift
• Intuitive Touch Screen Controls (GUI)
• Set of two (2) LED Countdown Timers
• Soft Breakaway™ Technology

Exterior Overhead Door Specifics -20 CHI Overhead doors

• (15) 10’2×11’3 Model 3216 Vertical Lift Doors
• (1) 12’2×14 Model 3216 Vertical Lift Door
• (4) 9’2 x10 Model 3216 Vertical Lift Doors

Manaras Door Operators

• Model OPJ
• 120V-1PH-1/2HP

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