Name of Project: Dock Renovation – Louisville, KY
Industry:  Food Processing
Project Summary: Full Tear Down/Reconstruction
Building Square Footage: Approx. 75,000
Project Captain: Diane Helman
General Contractor: Peake Construction
Equipment Manufacturer: Rite-Hite

A snack food distributor needed to upgrade their docks to eliminate gaps that permitted “white-light” to enter the facility. In the food industry, if light can creep in, so can unwanted pests.

Applied Handling arranged a visit to the Rite-Hite showroom in Milwaukee where our customer was able to learn about various products designed to address the white-light problem.  In addition, we learned that the doors in the facility were off center in relation to the levelers and the equipment was in poor condition.

To solve these issues, we redesigned the dock area to incorporate Vertical Hydraulic Levelers (VHLs) which store upright and fully inside the building. This allows the area around the dock to be kept clean and the door to seal tightly against the floor eliminating white-light.

Additionally we provided new dock seals and filler pads to seal the gaps around the trailer when parked at the dock. The existing Dok-Lok trailer restraints were re-used but we added the Rite-Hite Corner-Vu light communication system which provides a clear, line-of-sight status of the Dok Lok.

Sale and Installation of the following Products:

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