The Customer needed a means to transport material from the floor to an existing mezzanine.  Normally, vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) are braced to the mezzanine, overhead structural steel or a nearby structural wall. In this case, the existing wall was not structural and the existing mezzanine was roll-formed rack. Neither the wall nor the mezzanine had the required structural strength to withstand the forces and loads created when the VRC is in use. In other words, without the proper bracing, the VRC could sway or shake.



Pflow Industries and Applied Handling custom engineered a free standing Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor with special self-standing bracing. The specially designed frame around the VRC provides the stability normally obtained by securing to the building structure.


Product Description:

Pflow – Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

(2) Self Closing Gates

Project Manager: John Snell

Material Supplier: Pflow Industries

Installation by Applied Handling.

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