SpeedSpace Restroom1

Modular Restrooms

Applied Handling is known as a loading dock and door company, but we specialize in modular structure development as well. So, when a Flint material handling company came to us with a need for modular restrooms in order to accommodate their growing staff, we said no problem!!!

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Zoneworks Wash Down Curtain Walls – Custom Design

A manufacturer of health and nutrition supplements for people and animals needed to separate areas of their warehouse to stop cross contamination during the manufacturing process. Applied Handling surveyed and custom designed the "rooms" using Zoneworks Wash Down Curtain Walls.

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Inflated Comfort Seal

Comfort Seal – Medical Trailer Enclosure

Rite-Hite® Comfort Seal enclosure for mobile medical units protects patients and personnel while using CT, MRI or other Mobile Medical Trailers. The inflatable enclosure is a permanent fixture to the building and inflates and seals to the trailer, maintaining the integrity and comfort of the hospital setting while transporting patients from hospital to unit.

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Applied Handling Grille Door

Custom Rolling Grilles – MDOT Welcome Centers

Customer needed a more reliable grill that allowed easy access to perform maintenance. Scope of work included: Remove and replace existing large rolling grilles and operators at Welcome Centers in Coldwater and Monroe. Rolling grille doors offer ventilation and unobstructed view while providing protection against theft and vandalism.

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New Truck Dock Expansion

An automotive facility planned a truck dock expansion with (8) new positions and (1) high-speed fabric grade door at a ramp opening. This expansion was an addition to their existing facility.

Applied Handling provided a state of the art truck dock systems with a primary focus on operator safety. Our scope of work included dock design, equipment application, installation and project management

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Vertical Levelers at Kelloggs

Dock Renovation – Food Processing

A snack food distributor needed to upgrade their docks to eliminate gaps that permitted “white-light” to enter the facility. In the food industry, if light can creep in, so can unwanted pests. To solve these issues, we redesigned the dock area to incorporate Vertical Hydraulic Levelers (VHLs) which store upright and fully inside the building. This allows the area around the dock to be kept clean and the door to seal tightly against the floor eliminating white-light.

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Dock Shelter Replacement – Machining Manufacturer

A Machining Manufacturer in Fraser, MI had a problem with harsh weather conditions and off-centered trailers damaging their dock shelters. Applied Handling surveyed the dock area and proposed a replacement dock shelter that properly fit the application. By correctly sizing and centering the dock shelters, we were able to eliminate the damage caused by incoming trailers because the Rite-Hite Survivor's flexible side frames withstand impact and maintain integrity under most conditions.

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Control Assembly Clean Room – Automotive

An automotive facility needed high-speed fabric doors to enclose a control assembly & test room. The doors needed to be rated for a "clean-room" application and would be used to keep the room pressurized so contaminates could not enter the area.

Applied Handling was able to provide a solution with the Rite-Hite FaxTrax door and automotive spec control panels. The doors were used in pairs enclosing each end of a vestibule. This configuration allowed a constant pressure to be maintained within the space providing a contaminate free environment.

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Cross-Dock Operation – Automotive Supply

A land development company secured a deal with an Automotive manufacturer to convert a vacant property into a warehouse, cross-dock facility and paved yard for 350 trucks. When complete the building would have 200 truck docks to ship and receive materials 24 hours a day.

Applied Handling was selected to provide the loading dock and door equipment for the project. The timeline was tight, but our 65+ years of experience allowed us to effectively manage the project and meet the General Contractors deadline.

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Applied Handling has a customer who wanted to utilize empty building space for new docks but didn’t want the various costs that are associated with digging a truck well. They needed to service full-size over-the-road trailers at one dock and company delivery vehicles at the other doc

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Refurbished Equipment

As a Rite-Hite representative, we distribute some of the best quality products in the loading dock business but over time, repetitive use and harsh environments can take their toll. Even if a product is well worn, that doesn’t always mean it should be sent to the scrap yard.

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