Introducing our January featured product, the New CoolMan® Zone Fan by Rite-Hite.

CoolManFansRite-Hite’s CoolMan® Zone Fan is your economical solution to thermal comfort in your facility. These small, cost-effective destratification fans create a concise column of air that gently mixes the air from ceiling-to-floor throughout a facility providing an even temperature in virtually any space. They help to eliminate hot and cold spots and increase overall air circulation, helping improve comfort and save energy year-round!

CoolMan® Zone Fans are small destratification fans that continuously deliver a powerful, precise column of air creating a uniform temperature designed to reduce energy costs and improve worker comfort and productivity.


Due to their small size, CoolMan® Zone Fans are easy to install in aisles, small spaces, or around obstructions such as lighting and fire suppression equipment. CoolMan® Zone Fans are an ideal complement to HVLS Fans, allowing facilities to efficiently move air through the entire space.


CoolMan® Zone Fans with an EC motor are operated by a variable speed controller. This allows the user to customize their comfort and savings individually or in zones.
• Auto Controller: Dedicated temperature sensors automatically adjust the fan speed based on the temperature difference at the ceiling and at the floor. Fans can be operated manually, automatically or through BMS
• Speed Controller: Basic on/off with manual speed control
CoolMan® Zone Fans with an AC motor have a convenient single-speed, plug ‘n play design through 115V outlets


• Patented design delivers the maximum amount of CFM to the floor level
• Available in mounting heights up to 50’
• Each fan covers from 1,200-2,500 sq. ft., depending on ceiling height, square footage and the targeted number of air-turns per hour
• Housing is made of durable, double-wall construction with UV-treated, flame-resistant black plastic
• Available in 115V or 230V Electrically Commutated (EC) motors for variable speed control or 115V Alternating Current (AC) for single-speed control
• Stator ring boosts the coverage area and allows the maximum amount of air to reach the floor level
• Robust suspension cable or threaded rod rigid mounting options
• Intake Safety Grill is standard on all models
• Optional Exhaust Grill is required for any spot cooling application or mounting locations under 10’ high
• CoolMan Zone Fans can be positioned straight down for destratification and air mixing
• Install the fans in a tilted position to target specific areas, under mezzanines for example, to generate precise airflow for spot cooling applications
To see a video, visit Rite-Hite’s Product Overview page.



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