RiteHite® ComboShelter ™– Dock Seal Solutions

PRODUCT SUMMARYRiteHite® ComboShelter™ enclosures seal liftgate and step ledge trailers, as well as standard over-the-road trailers.

PRODUCT DETAIL:  The ComboShelter™ offers the ultimate solution to the unique challenges associated with sealing a variety of trailer traffic that includes trailers with liftgates and other rear extensions. The ComboShelte is specially engineered to provide not only the proper sizing to effectively seal a range of trailers, but also the rugged side frame construction and head curtain and side curtain reinforcing required to ensure the unit holds up under the extreme wear and tear that these situations create.

  • Extended projection, impactable side frames – Extended projection allows for proper sealing around liftgate and standard trailers. Can be fully compressed – immediately returning to original shape and position if impacted.
  • Reinforced fabric – Additional layer of fabric on side of side curtains and head curtain helps prevent premature wear caused by over-penetration of trailers and curtain backlash.
  • Slim-profile frames – 11’2″ (3404 mm) overall footprint allows shelter to fit in tight clearance situations. Saves cost of moving lights, signs, conduit, etc
  • Pivoting Canopy Header – Protects unit from damage if trailer comes in off-center and higher than expected. Integral gutter diverts water off sides of unit.
  • Detachable Side Curtains – Easily removed for maintenance flexibility or to allow increased air flow on the dock. Reattach in minutes.
  • Available PitMaster™ Seal – Gaps large and small beneath and around the dock leveler are sealed with optional PitMaster components, providing substantial energy savings, improving cleanliness and sanitation.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION:  Applied Handling recently installed (9) ComboShelters at a beverage warehouse in Redford, MI to accommodate delivery trucks with liftgates and step ledge trailers. Do you have questions about the best dock seal application for your warehouse? Let Applied Handling help you in determining the best solution for your loading docks.  Email us at info@appliedhandling.com to schedule a visit.


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