Safety is Critical and so is your Budget

If you have been called on by a sales professional selling safety product, you’ve probably heard the phrase “you can’t put a value on the life or limb of an employee”. Of course, this statement is true but at the same time, financial resources are not limitless.

So, the goal of safety usually becomes a marathon and not a sprint. In fact, no matter how much is spent, the goal of improving workplace safety should not ever be considered complete. We can always do better.

Rite-Hite® recognizes the importance of both your safety initiatives and your need to keep your business in the black with the “Every Dock, Every Budget, Everywhere in the World” platform.

Start your dock safety program with a communication package with the internal components that allow for future upgrades as budget money becomes available. By simply utilizing a light communication system between the truck driver and dock personnel (coupled with a wheel chocking policy), you’ll be taking the first big step in the improvement of safety at the dock.

The next step in your dock safety improvement is yours to decide. Add a vehicle restraint so that chocks can be eliminated or approach vu to this communication system to warn pedestrians working in the dock apron that a truck is backing into position. Or maybe, you are developing your Blue Light policy and you want to clearly communicate when activity is happening inside of a trailer.

Whatever your next step for continuous dock safety improvement is, Rite-Hite has an answer or is willing to look at solutions to create the answer for your unique application.

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