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With any facility, there are 3 “S”‘s to consider for efficiency: Safety, Security and Separation. If you are a plant manager or safety specialist,¬† you think of these words often. Safety, security and separation have direct impact on policies, logistics, human resources, equipment and more. Achieve the highest standards with WireCrafters Solutions.

Wirecrafters Driver Cages

WireCrafters Driver and Building Access Cages

Wirecrafters Driver Cage is a simple, cost effective way of controlling access to your distribution center or factory floor. Prevent visiting personnel from unknowingly walking into active fork truck traffic areas or automated machinery work areas.

The partitional walls are made of mesh and surround the building entry doors, holding truck drivers in a defined area until met by company personnel. The design is open but secure.

Drivers cages typically have 3 sides and butt  up against the building wall. Most items are in stock and quick shipped.


Wire Mesh Storage Solutions

It’s not just about surveillance. Security in the workplace means properly storing valuables in addition to making sure the right people have the right access to the right areas. This may involve securing tools, records, machines or other resources. Wire partitions panels can easily be assembled to create separation and boundaries. The panels are bolted together to fulfill any size requirements. A variety of locking systems can be added. Some examples are:

  • Tool Cribs/DEA Approved Enclosures
  • Technician Lockers
  • Wire Service Doors/Sliding Tunnel Doors
  • Pallet Rack Safety Systems


Keep Clutter at Bay

Another benefit of wire mesh storage solutions is organization. Disorganized workspaces cause ergonomic issues, mental distractions, and greater risk of injury. Every tool and piece of equipment should have its place. When you look around your facility do you see tools or hazardous material not properly stored? Do you see people wandering in areas that are dangerous? It may be time to take organization and efficiency to the next level with Wirecrafters storage solutions.

If you are interested in storage, safety and separation solutions contact Applied Handling at 1-800-837-8020, our design experts are ready to assist.





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