Truck traffic, forklifts, weather, loading and offloading product – These are some of the elements which contribute to the wear and tear of your loading dock equipment.  So, when and who should you call to get your dock equipment or industrial doors evaluated for replacement or repair?   Applied Handling’s trained technicians and experienced sales representatives will come to your facility, assess your existing equipment, and provide quality solutions to meet your specific dock equipment needs.

Planned Maintenance:

A regular maintenance schedule can prolong the life of your equipment and help to avoid business disrupting failures. Address small problems before they become serious. Call 1-800-837-8020 to schedule a PMP visit.

Dock Refurbishments:

You may be able to take advantage of our dock refurbishment program where our factory trained technicians restore your existing equipment to like-new condition.

New Equipment

Applied Handling is proud to be the Michigan Representative for Rite –Hite Equipment, THE material handling manufacturer committed to security, productivity, energy, safety and environmental solutions inside and outside the facility. We bring solutions to your loading dock problems.

Knowing all that you know now, why would you want your Dock to look like this?


When it could look like this!


Who ya gonna call? APPLIED HANDLING!

By Guest Blogger: Karen Zuk, Sales Assistant

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