A planned maintenance program is an important investment for your assets.  The investment allows you to take control of your budget and schedule by eliminating the surprise of unexpected, untimely repairs.  Procrastinating over the repair of your equipment can lead to bigger problems, and even worse, possible downtime.  Why not implement planned maintenance programs for all your material handling equipment. 

Applied Handling can help you prepare for your maintenance needs, by scheduling your PMP’s for the year. Don’t delay. Protect your investments.

Planned Maintenance Programs

Our Planned Maintenance Program includes:

  • Inspection of equipment
  • ISO required maintenance documentation provided
  • Adjust all components per manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Lubricate all components per manufactuer’s recommendation
  • Remove debris and clean leveler pits
  • Replace or install door hinges and rollers (up to 10)
  • Top off fluids
  • Replace non-working bulbs (up to 10)
  • Tighten hardware and loose components
  • Repair broken welds
  • Reinstall bumpers if needed
  • Reinstall lip keepers if needed


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