Zoneworks Fabric Curtain Walls are removable curtain barriers that can be used to define and protect areas within your warehouse. They differ from traditional walls or panel systems because they offer a high degree of flexibility. Fabric Curtain Walls can be easily installed, dismantled or reconfigured.

Look around your facility and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my warehouse in need of a space to contain heat, dust, fumes or sound?
  2. Will changing or reconfiguring the space so it is smaller, larger, cooler, cleaner, safer lead to more productivity?
  3. In what ways can I maximize my warehouse space?

Fabric walls can be installed inside or outsideThe fabric used to form the walls will differ in materials and properties based on the operating environment. Applied Handling will come to your facility, perform a survey and recommend the best product for you.  Keep in mind, these flexible walls are custom designed to meet your needs.

Dearborn Sales Reps, Mike Blazaitis and Mike Wozniak, had a customer who needed to drop the temperature in a specific area of their large cooler in order to safely store certain types of produce. Mike and Mike sectioned off the cooler with a Zoneworks TZ35 Insulated Curtain Wall. This allowed the customer to create two different temperature zones in the same cooler.

Woz and Blaze

A Michigan Automotive Assembly Plant had a situation where two interior loading docks were close to the assembly line.  When the grade-level loading dock doors opened to change trailers, employees were hit with extreme wind gusts and complained about the cold.

Bob Williams, Global Account Manager in our Dearborn Office offered the the product solution of Zoneworks SCH Sliding and TZ15 Insulated Curtain Walls. Bob reports, “The Zoneworks panels with sliding insulated curtains were installed during a plant shut-down. This has made a tremendous difference in the area as it relates to energy savings. The overall cost and ease of installation was also important.”

Zoneworks Fabric Walls-Automotive

Zoneworks Fabric Curtain Walls are a better way and better wall for environmental control and separation.  If you would like more information about this product, email us at or call us at 1-800-837-8020.

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