If you have a summer energy savings initiative at your facility, you know that it is important to be mindful about energy efficiency in the warm months as well as the cold months.  Don’t wait until the snow falls to impress your boss with these (3) money in the bank tips.

  1. Close the 4th side of your dock with PitMaster Under Leveler Seal

We all know that three sided dock seal and shelter systems are must haves for sealing the gaps around the docks, but what about the 4th side of the dock around the leveler lip and bottom front pit area? . Without a proper seal your facility stands to lose a lot of money. Applied Handling has the perfect solution to seal the underside of the dock; it’s the PitMaster Under the Leveler Seal by Rite-Hite.

Pitmaster Under Leveler Seal

  1. Don’t let air conditioning escape!! – Replace Door Weatherseals

Can you see light when you look around your door openings? This means your doors do not have an airtight seal. These improperly sealed openings cause air conditioning to escape in the summer.  An inexpensive solution is to replace the weatherseals on your doors.



  1. High Volume Low Speed fans keep the air moving all year long and Revolution® Fans are the answer!

Increase summer energy savings with High Volume, low speed fans. The Revolution® Fan by Rite Hite is designed to circulate the air in your facility creating year-round savings by moving the air around your warehouse to even out temperature zones and reduce your energy consumption.

energy savings hvls fans

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