Since 1980, PortaFab has played an active role in the creation of millions of square feet of enclosed spaces throughout the world.

PortaFab Modular Building Systems are not only designed to be installed more quickly, easily and inexpensively than traditional construction, but they are also more flexible and environmentally friendly.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider PortaFab Modular Building Systems

  1. Versatility: Easily expand, relocate or reuse to keep up with your expanding business.
  2. Quick Installation: Pre-engineered systems minimize installation time.
  3. Reduced Construction Labor Costs: Simple installation yields lower costs.
  4. Reduced Design Time: Limited engineering and architectural time required.
  5. Ease of Coordination: Single source installation through a factory-trained distributor network.
  6. Clean Installation: Minimal on-site construction and fabrication.
  7. Low Maintenance: Durable wall panels require only occasional surface cleaning.
  8. Consistent Quality & Appearance: Complete design consistency throughout.
  9. Tax Advantages: Depreciate over 7-1/2 years versus 39 years.
  10. Environmentally Friendly: Less construction waste and more LEED points.

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