Fall is a good time to start thinking about energy efficiency at your loading dock. Our guest blogger Donna Benkarski writes the top 10 reasons why NOW is a good time to replace your old worn out shelters.

I have been a Customer Service Rep for Applied Handling for over 20 years. A common occurrence is for businesses to wait until it’s cold to repair/replace their old or damaged dock shelters. Here are 10 reasons why waiting for winter may be too late:

1.)  Lead times are longer when it gets colder
2.)  Installing Dock Shelters in warmer temperatures is more energy efficient and saves $$
3.)  Being Proactive when it’s warm, will keep your employees warm when it’s cold
4.)  You will have the #1 product in America around the perimeter of your dock doors
5.)  We have a shelter for every application
6.)  A well trained professional will come out FREE OF CHARGE and survey each dock position to determine what works best for you. Did I mention “FOR FREE”!
7.)  Installation performed by our own factory trained technicians
8.)  You will have an opportunity to learn about our other products
9.)  You will get kudos from your boss for being so smart and proactive
10.) You’re in Michigan (Reason #10 could be reason #1.)

Being in the biz for so long, I always notice how buildings look while I am driving down the freeway. I believe this may be common for other people as well. Large items, like new shelters, draw attention to buildings and can get your business noticed. Like an advertisement so to speak. Not only will our Rite-Hite shelters protect your building from truck damages, bad weather and unwanted light seepage, but it will beautify your building as well.


  • It is better to have your docks surveyed while weather is warmer.
  • It is better to have shelters repaired/replaced while weather is warmer.
  • There is less lead time on shelter orders when placed in warmer weather.
  • Installation during warmer weather will keep Michigan’s icy temperatures from seeping into your building and save you money.
  • Your building will be beautiful and new shelters could get your business noticed.

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